Survival Suit / Thermal Protection / SOLAS Approved

SeaPass: Anti-exposure Abandonment Suit

Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
SeaPass SOLAS Approved Thermal Protection Suit
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Neoprene Hood
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Waterproof gusset underneath front zip
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Adjustable ankle strap
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Shoes can be worn either inside or outside suit
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Required use of additional approved lifejacket
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
With compatible lifejacket is approved as substitute to thermal lifejacket

Vacuum packed immersion suits

Polar Code immersion suits and Polar Code thermal protection

SeaPass Passenger Suit

SOLAS Approved. Emergency thermal protection suit for passenger vessels.

Product Highlights
  • 1 hour thermal protection
  • Approved in accordance with Norwegian regulations, as a passenger suit
  • Thermal protection in accordance with IMO/Solas LSA Code as an uninsulated immersion suit
  • Extremely light weight and easy to store
  • Eliminates cold shock
  • Polar Code compliant
Product Details
  • Emergency suit on board passenger vessels and recreational vessels
  • PU coated Nylon
  • Requires use of additional approved lifejacket
  • Integrated insulated hood in neoprene
  • Front zipper with waterproof gusset underneath
  • Attached 5-finger gloves
  • Adjustable ankle straps
  • Allows for use of shoes both inside as well as on the outside
  • Approved reflective tape
  • Approved in accordance with IMO/SOLAS LSA Code part 2.3 as an uninsulated immersion suit with one hour thermal protection in water temperature less than 5 degrees Celsius
  • The suit with compatible lifejacket is approved as substitute to thermal lifejackets according to Norwegian Maritime Directorate’s (NMD’s) regulations
  • Tested to NMD's requirements in “Guidelines for passenger suits for Norwegian passenger vessels”
  • Vacuum packing for extended service interval to 10 years
  • 200 Fluor Orange
Art. # Size Size span Mass Dimension Vacuum Packed
82940 Baby 50-100cm 0.3kg 34 x 25 x 4cm
82940 Junior 100-150 cm 0.7kg 35 x 27 x 4cm
82940 Standard 150-200cm 0.9kg 35 x 27 x 5cm

From one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment

Hansen Protection has been a pioneer in safety at sea since we launched kapok lifejackets in 1932.

Our current range continues the company's strong traditions, where our greatest concern is to ensure optimal functionality and performance for all types of work at sea.

A first class survival suit can mean the difference between life and death.

As one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment, Hansen Protection can offer a wide collection of survival suits. Survival can never be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that our survival suits satisfy the highest demands for safety.

Survival suits are obligatory for personnel on oil rigs, passenger ferries, merchant and fishing fleets plus in offshore helicopter transport.

Our dry suits provide sufficient buoyancy and protect against heat loss, and thus increase the survival time in cold water. All suits are tested and approved according to the strictest national and international standards.

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