Survival Suit with SOLAS, ISO & EASA approvals

«SeaWind» breaks new barriers

With its unique triple certification and high-tech details the «SeaWind» immersion suit breaks new barriers with its many fields of application. Never before has a survival suit achieved such a wide range of certification, with approvals from SOLAS, ISO and EASA. The suit is tailored for both demanding and many varied work situations.

Many years of intensive development by Hansen Protection in Norway has yielded results. SeaWind is the world’s first survival suit to be approved for helicopter transport, shipping and work use.

Triple Certification

SeaWind has been certified by SOLAS, ISO and EASA. As such it has been approved for most any demanding work situation.  No other survival suit can claim to be suitable for such a wide range of applications as SeaWind.
Hansen Protection has worked relentlessly for a long time to be able to be the first to offer a survival suit that is approved for work, shipping and helicopter transport. To achieve the helicopter transport approval the company has had to fit the suit with a lining, and it has to be worn with a SeaLion Europe lifejacket.

Emergency Breathing System

The SeaAir EBS Emergency Breathing System is integrated in the SeaLion Europe lifejacket. This system makes it possible to start breathing under water, something that was not possible with previous systems. In addition, the suit is equipped with a floating buddy line hook, which is a feature unique to Hansen Protection. 


Its many details, great flexibility and wide range of applications makes this Norwegian made suit from Hansen Protection the first choice for many occupational groups and professionals, not least for use in the demanding conditions that is part of the service and maintenance of wind turbines.

Good ventilation

SeaWind is designed for optimal ergonomics and meets the needs of discerning workers so they can move freely without restrictions around their knees or seat. The suit weighs less than 2 kg. SeaWind is a dry suit. Waterproof zips under the arms provide good ventilation for active workers. In addition, both the hood and gloves can be placed in convenient pockets when working.

“Users will find that it is possible to have the suit on for long periods without discomfort. We find that workers want to have maximum flexibility and take responsibility for closing the suit”, says Product Manager Knut Åsle.


  • Easy to don dry suit with feet
  • Flexible waterproof zips
  • «Pit-zips» (zips under the arms) for increased ventilation
  • Highly breathable GoreTex
  • Reinforced exposed areas
  • Stow-away-hood on the back for maximum ease of use
  • Specially designed and manufactured for maximum freedom of movement
  • Super soft neoprene cuffs at the neck and wrists
  • «Clean» front and back for easy integration with harness and lifejacket
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Hi-res pictures:

Survival Suit

"SeaWind action":
The new SeaWind survival suit from Hansen Protection has been developed to meet extreme situations, including the demanding conditions of working on wind turbines at sea. (Photo: Aak)

Survival Suit

"SeaWind front":
The SeaWind immersion suit from Hansen Protection is the first in the world to achieve triple certification. It is approved by SOLAS, ISO and EASA. (Photo: Hansen Protection)

Survival Suit

The SeaWind survival suit and the SeaLion Europe lifejacket

(Photo: Hansen Protection)


Knut Aasle, General Manager, Personal Protection
Tel.: (+47) 900 50 115