New SAR Suit

New Survival Suit saves Rescue Services valuable time

Hansen Protection has introduced a brand new survival suit designed to both improve working conditions and save valuable time for crews engaged in sea rescue.

SeaSwim is a newly developed SAR suit that is intended for fire brigades and rescue personnel. The suit is suitable for surface swimming in rescue operations from both helicopter and boat.

Saves time

Among users, The Norwegian Scuba Association think the new SeaSwim Suit will set a new standard for this type of survival suit.

- The buoyancy of the suit is so small that one can easily dive with the need for a lead belt. It saves highly valuable time associated with surface rescue, says instructor Erik Fredriksen.

High expectations

The need for good functionality is very important. Product Manager Knut ├ůsle at Hansen Protection says that they have worked intensively to develop a survival suit that meets the high user needs.

- This is an extremely demanding user base. Therefore, we have devoted substantial resources to produce a suit that sets new standard in its class, with good mobility and comfortable materials. We believe the workday for this user group will become easier with the new SeaSwim Suit says ├ůsle.


Very comfortable materials, a strong focus on flexible applications, opportunities for customization and a unique service network all adds up to Hansen Protection having great expectations for the SeaSwim Suit.

Extra light weight

SeaSwim can tailored-made for optimal adaptation for those who need it. Users can choose between three different materials: Gore Text Nomex III, which is highly flame retardant, GoreTex Pazifik, which is lighter but not as flame retardant, and Hansen Protection Superlight which is lightest of the three, but not flame retardant.

Hansen Protection presented the new and smart neck closure "Adjustable Neck Seal" for the first time on SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit. This solution also incorporated in the SeaSwim Suit. It gives the user the possibility to vent through the neck seal while it in standby mode.

Sea Swim Work Suit features and details:

  • Ergonomic design, with soft, light materials that provide 100% freedom of movement
  • Optional removable lining in temperature regulating Aramid Fiber with or super lightweight Thinsulate
  • Reinforced knees and shins
  • Compartments for shock-absorbing knee-pads
  • Various options for pockets
  • Two different neck options, including a new adjustable closure for increased comfort
  • Possibility to install valves
  • Internal braces
  • Available in sizes from XS to XXXL, and possibilities for customization

SeaSwim is a brand new survival suit from Hansen Protection for surface rescue. Low buoyancy makes it possible to dive without a lead belt and help save rescuers valuable time.

Hi-res pictures:

Survival Suit

Survival Suit


Knut Aasle, General Manager, Personal Protection
Tel.: (+47) 900 50 115