Boat Canopies • Seats • Cushions

Boat Canopies • Seats • Cushions

Boat Canopies • Seats • Cushions

Boat Canopies, Seats & Cushions


You can depend on Hansen Protection for your comfort and safety.

Both in Norway and in the rest of the world seafarers and oil workers have for many decades been able to do their work thanks to Hansen Protection's Norwegian made survival suits, lifejackets and other safety equipment. Hansen Protection also makes boat canopies, console covers and tarpaulins, as well as SeaSit boat seats and cushions for customers both at home and abroad.

Hansen Protection is a modern, high-tech company with great diversity in its produst offerings and tremendous expertise in textile-engineering. Our solutions and choice of materials are the result of many years at the forefront of our industry. Our leading position gives us continually updated information on contemporary design and quality needs.

SeaSit was established in 1967 and is today part of Hansen Protection. SeaSit is known as one of Scandinavia's largest producers of boat seats and cushions, and has for many years been a leading provider to the largest leisure boat manufacturers and boat equipment suppliers in Europe.

We also supply cruise ships and ferries. Everyone can benefit from our expertise!

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