Survival Suits, Immersion Suits, Anti-exposure Suits

SeaLion SOLAS Lifejackets inflate automatically and turn your body over and bring your head and face out of the water, even when you are unconscious. The SeaLion 275N Lifejackets complies with the Mensafe Test Protocol (HSE-UK) when used together with our SeaEco Immersion Suit. P.O.Box 218, N-1501 Moss, Norway, Tel. +47 69 00 13 00 • SeaLion Lifejackets are designed for users with high demands on func ti on and comfort. The inflatable lung and cover is equipped with a specially developed webbing system for easy donning and wear. Mesh back for distribution of load and snug fit. Easy operated front buckle in plastic with adjustment of waist webbing in the side. Neoprene in neck area for comfort. This double chamber lifejacket is available with either 150N or 275N buoyancy certified in accordance with SOLAS § III 2010. The 275N Lifejackets have a unique asymmetric buoyancy lung that prevents waves from washing over the face and ensures the self-rightning performance. Lifejackets IMO SOLAS Offshore Lifejackets - SeaLion Bladder may easily be detached from cover - saves costs and extends product life.