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Regular inspection and maintenance will prolong a survival suit's life

IMO circular MSC / Circ. 1114 from 2004 recommend that immersion suit inspection should be carried out by an approved service station at least every 3 years. The owner is assumed to carry out inspection of immersion suits in accordance with MSC /Circ. 1047. If the suits are vacuum packed, recommended inspection is every 5 years.

IMO/SOLAS regulations also stipulate suits 10 years old or more must be serviced annually. Suits packed in vacuum by Hansen Protection may be granted a prolonged service interval.

At our authorized service stations, personnel with expertise and equipment perform the necessary control of the survival suits. Service will reveal any deterioration of materials and damage that is not detected on board.

Ensure that the service station has a valid HP certicate of Authorisation and issues a “service certificate”with date of next service.

Survival Suit / Immersion Suit
Survival Suit / Immersion Suit