SeaRescue II, Fixed & Adjustable neck seal

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SeaRescue II is specially designed suit with features for rescue work in rivers and on ice; - and for rescue swimmers in general. The suit is reinforced in exposed areas such as the knees, seat and elbows. Its unique construction gives the user full freedom of movement.

Adjustable neoprene neck seal:
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Adjustable neoprene neck seal:

SeaRescue II

SeaRescue II was designed for rescue personnel by rescue personnel. The suit is used by rescue services all over the Norway, including, at the last count, 177 fire brigades. It is a suit that is ideal for rescue operations on rivers, on ice for and for surface swimmers. The suit is reinforced in exposed places like the knees, seat and elbows. Its unique construction gives the user full freedom of movement. The suit is fitted with a protected latex neck and cuffs. The special construction and choice of materials make it the market's lightest and most comfortable rescue suit. SeaRescue II is also available with a specially designed, optional, adjustable neck closure in neoprene that makes it even easier to don and even more comfortable to use.


  • Main fabric in soft, durable and breathable HP Superlight 3L
  • Yellow colour and SOLAS approved reflective patches for good visibility
  • Robust waterproof diagonal seal in PU that works smoothly (TiZip Masterseal)
  • Detachable elastic braces for individual adjustment
  • Reinforced seat, elbows and knees for maximum durability
  • Spacious thigh pocket as well as pockets on the sleeves
  • Neck and sleeve seals in latex for maximum water tightness, and with protective cuffs
  • Option for choice of adjustable neck seal in neoprene - perfect for ventilation of excess heat in non-exposed situations
  • Unique construction provides good fit and maximum freedom of movement
  • Integral rubber and neoprene boots with soft sole for good mobility and protection
  • Suitable for use with flippers
  • Strong loop inside for easy storage when not in use
  • Automatic valve on sleeve / shoulder ensures maximum evacuation of air from the suit


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More Info

Type of suit
Area of application
Civil Service/ Rescue Services/ Armed Forces
HP Superlight 3L
Waist adjustment
Main zipper type
Soft PU/plastic with teeth, closed
Neck seal
Adjustable neck seal in neoprene (optional)
Latex with thermal protection in neoprene/fabric
Fit / Ergonomics
350 Yellow
Reflective material
IMO Solas
Pocket with zip closure on shoulder
Thigh pocket(s)
No, purchased separately
No, purchased separately
Boots / socks
Neoprene/rubber boots - may be used with swim fins
Reinforcement knee
Laminated layer of PU-reinforcement material
Reinforcement elbow
Laminated layer of PU-reinforcement material
Reinforcement in seat
Laminated layer of PU-reinforcement material
Wrist seal
Braces (elastic adjustable)
Neoprene at elbow/underarm
Neoprene knees
Exhaust valve, automatic
Thermal protection without lining/inherent insulation
Ca 1 hour in cold water (watertemp less than 5°C)
Service interval (standard)
When needed

From one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment

Hansen Protection has been a pioneer in safety at sea since we launched kapok lifejackets in 1932.

Our current range continues the company's strong traditions, where our greatest concern is to ensure optimal functionality and performance for all types of work at sea.

A first class survival suit can mean the difference between life and death.

As one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment, Hansen Protection can offer a wide collection of survival suits. Survival can never be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that our survival suits satisfy the highest demands for safety.

Survival suits are obligatory for personnel on oil rigs, passenger ferries, merchant and fishing fleets plus in offshore helicopter transport.

Our dry suits provide sufficient buoyancy and protect against heat loss, and thus increase the survival time in cold water. All suits are tested and approved according to the strictest national and international standards.

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