Northern Diver Throwline 20m
Northern Diver Throwline 20m
Northern Diver Throwline 20m
Northern Diver Throwline 20m
Northern Diver Throwline 20m

Northern Diver Throwline 20m

kr 348,75
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Our Throwline is incredibly useful for swift water rescue situations. You can throw it into the water ahead of a moving casualty to avoid moving further downstream.

The strong and durable throwline can be thrown to someone in trouble in the water and used to help pull the casualty to safety, as long as said casualty is conscious and able to assist. This can be achieved via the high breaking strain of the rope. 

The 8 mm thick line is highly reflective and can be removed from the bag and used on its own. The yellow polypropylene (PP) cored rope floats in water. The reflective floating safety line is made from a continuous stranded polypropylene core. This provides the flotation element of the rope while the braided nylon sheath that is jacketed around this core adds the strength and wear-resistance.  The reflective element comes from the silver thread integrated into the construction.  It's really useful, especially at night and in poor visibility.

The fact that our Throw Bags are easy to throw as well as being quick and easy to repack means that they're very popular. Added to this, our customers love their compact design and that they're robust and reliable. The Throw Bags with Reflective Line is supplied with a Throw Bag Guide Belt.

  • Rope thickness: 8mm
  • Rope length: 20m
  • Rope colour: yellow polypropylene cored rope with reflective silver thread
  • Rope construction: polypropylene (PP) core with a braided nylon sheath
  • Floats in water
  • Braided sheath over the main core for protection
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