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Northern Diver Floatline 200m

NOK 2.588,00

The bag has a quickclip clean line attachment point and a drawstring neck closure that allows for easy access to the contents.

Made from strong, Cordura® nylon rip-stop construction. The bag has a quickclip clean line attachment point and a drawstring neck closure that allows for easy access to the contents. The polypropylene rope can be removed from the bag's interior stainless steel D-ring and used on its own. The D-ring inside the bag can be used as attachment point for rope. The backpack has been specially designed for the Rescue sector so the outside has two high-vis reflective bands and stitched into the seams is narrow reflective piping. We've also printed the safety label on the back and neck of the 200m Technical Floating Line Backpack.


  • Rope thickness: 8.5mm
  • Rope length: 200m
  • Rope colour: yellow rope with silver reflective thread
  • Breaking strain: load tested to 900kg
  • Floats in water High resistance to rotting & mildew
  • Braided sheath over the main load-bearing core for protection
  • Sheath provides up to 25% of the ropes strength & absorbs most of the abrasion
  • Certificate No.: EC.1282.0H140923.TZKTS97, CE approved.

What do I need to know about the polypropylene rope? Our Technical Floating Line Backpack comes with 200m length of technical polypropylene (PP) rope of 8.5mm thickness. Polypropylene rope floats so is perfect for water rescue use where buoyancy is a major factor. PP rope has excellent resistance to rotting, mildew and abrasion, which again makes it ideal for use in the Rescue sector. It has moderate elastic properties and has about 60% of the energy absorption capacity of nylon, however, it maintains a low breaking strength. We've constructed our PP line to be of the type most commonly used for rescue rope. It comprises a main load-bearing core with a braided sheath over it. The load-bearing core consists of continuous parallel fibres throughout the rope length. To increase the rope's stretch resistance and load characteristics, we've added a braided sheath as a jacket to protect the main load-bearing core. This braided jacket is constructed with half of the strands having a left twist and the other half having a right twist. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the rope strength is provided by this jacket. This make-up means that the jacket absorbs most of the abrasion and protects the load-bearing core. The PP rope is load tested to 900kg, it floats in water and has a high resistance to rot and mildew. 

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