Recharge kit UML ProSensor Elite 33g

Recharge kit UML ProSensor Elite 33g

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Recharge kit UML ProSensor Elite 33g

Cartridge for ProSensor Elite, 33g CO cylinder for inflatable lifejackets with 150-170N buoyancy 

The UML Automatic system activates when the capsule mechanism comes into contact with water. The capsule mechanism is a compressed high-powered spring which is held by a paper element. When the paper element comes into contact with water it releases the spring which pushes a plunger forward, in turn forcing a cutter into the CO cylinder. The cutter allows the CO to travel through the CO gas hole in the inflator head and inflate the lifejacket.

Type of PFD/class
Inflatable lifejacket 150N
Inflator mechanism/operating head
Water activated, UML Pro Sensor Elite
33g CO₂ (1pc)

From one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment

Hansen Protection has been a pioneer in safety at sea since we launched kapok lifejackets in 1932.

Our current range continues the company's strong traditions, where our greatest concern is to ensure optimal functionality and performance for all types of work at sea.

A first class survival suit can mean the difference between life and death.

As one of the world's foremost developers and manufacturers of survival equipment, Hansen Protection can offer a wide collection of survival suits. Survival can never be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that our survival suits satisfy the highest demands for safety.

Survival suits are obligatory for personnel on oil rigs, passenger ferries, merchant and fishing fleets plus in offshore helicopter transport.

Our dry suits provide sufficient buoyancy and protect against heat loss, and thus increase the survival time in cold water. All suits are tested and approved according to the strictest national and international standards.

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