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Hansen Protections SeaAir Europe Crew konsept er markedets mest fleksible drakttilbud til helikoptermannskap som flyr over åpent hav. I bunnen ligger en konstruksjon som er tilpasset bevegelsesmønsteret ombord, både for piloter og mannskap. F.eks. er ermene sydd på som en Y på drakten slik at du kan løfte armene uten at du må trekker med deg vekten av stoffet på overkroppen

Hansen Protection appreciate the trust given by Airlift for the delivery of crew suits and life jackets for their offshore helicopter operations.
Airlift is an exciting company that operate in rough arctic conditions, an environment we are used to. Based on our experience and expertise in technical textiles and design and construction of survival suits and life jackets, we are confident they have the right products to perform their jobs the best possible way. Combined with our service solutions we believe this is best set up for any offshore helicopter operator.
Quote; Fredrik J. Eriksen – Head of Personal Protection Hansen Protection AS

Airlift expanded their offshore operation with the contract for the Norwegian Coastal Administration for transport of their sea-pilots. With that we went through a thorough process of equipping our crew with survival suits and life jackets. Hansen Protection was chosen as in total they had the most competitive total solution, including product quality, ergonomics and service set up. We have now equipped our full fleet of helicopters with Hansen Protection life jackets and survival suits for the crew flying offshore.
Quote; Endre Onstad Flight Operations Manager, Airlift AS

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