New suit for helicopter crew

Extremely comfortable materials, a high focus on flexibility and possibilities for tailoring according to your body measurements mean that Hansen Protection has great expectations for the new immersion suit "SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit".

Extremely comfortable materials, a high focus on flexibility and possibilities for tailoring according to your body measurements mean that Hansen Protection has great expectations for the new immersion suit "SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit".

Hansen Protection launches the brand new SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit, thereby complementing its aviation range. The Norwegian manufacturer has lacked an alternative for helicopter crews, and with the new crew suit they now have a very competitive alternative.

- Everyday life for the user will be improved because the construction, choice of materials and the possibility of tailoring will give outstanding fit and ergonomics, says product development manager Knut Aasle

SeaWind as a starting point

The SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit is built on the renowned SeaWind suit. This is not a coincidence:

- SeaWind is a modern and high-tech suit, and natural to use as a starting point when creating a completely new crew suit. In this segment there are high demands on fit and ergonomics. Therefore, we wanted to continue the success criteria from SeaWind, says Aasle.

Optimal ease of use

- The typical user works in the cockpit and has various tasks that puts great demands on the suit's flexibility, explains Aasle. Construction and careful selection of materials are key factors in achieving this flexibility. The suit has an ideal fit, which is achieved, among other things, through articulated knees, elbows and seat, - as well a construction around the shoulders offering freedom of movement for the arms. In combination with low weight and breathable fabric, this gives a suit that feels comfortable in all situations.


Newly developed neck closure

"Adjustable Neck Seal" is the name of the new neck seal we see for the first time on a survival suit. This solution gives the user the opportunity to vent through the neckline while being in standby mode. In addition, you avoid unpleasant tightening around the neck in the work situation. In an emergency, the neck opening is closed in seconds.


- We are very pleased to be able to present such an innovative neck seal for the industry. It will undoubtedly increase the comfort for the users, says Knut Aasle.


The SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit may optionally be tailor-made for optimal customization and it is possible to choose from several pocket options. A total of 11 small and large pockets are available on the new SeaAir Europe Pilot Suit.


Features and details:

Ergonomic design, with soft and lightweight fabric, which gives 100% freedom of movement

Choose from two high end breathable GoreTex fabrics (both in accordance with ETSO-requirements):

-        GoreTex Nomex III – flame retardant and soft

-        GoreTex Pazifik – a fabric with extreme durability

Detachable thermal lining – matching the suit’s main fabric

Pocket on the legs for hood and pockets on sleeves with room for gloves

Removable pockets on the thighs for notebook/iPad Mini and for personal items

Cargo pockets and pen pocket on the sleeve

Front pocket on chest next to main zipper

Three different neck options, including a new adjustable closure for increased comfort

Detachable braces

Comes in sizes from XS to XXXL, as well as option for tailoring according to actual body measurements

Can be delivered with the newly developed life jacket SeaLion Europe Pilot with emergency breathing system

New customized life jacket

The EASA standard also determines the lifejacket that is adapted to the suit. Hansen Protection has developed the SeaLion Europe Pilot Lifejacket which is designed for comfort and minimum load on shoulders and neck, - and with all safety features built in. Together, lifejacket and suit form a complete safety system for helicopter crews flying offshore.

The lifejacket is in one size. The emergency breathing system cylinder may be mounted in a MOLLE-system at the back for best possible comfort. The cylinder may rest on the seat for reduced load. The mouthpiece for the EBS is located on the front of the lifejacket and is easily accessible for use in an emergency.

 - We have chosen a location for the emergency breathing system which is least possible to obstruct. This is a comfortable solution for those who sit and those who move around in the cabin, says Knut Aasle.

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