SeaLife Rescue Pro -Lifejacket for Surface Rescue Swimmers

SeaLife Rescue Pro is specially designed for rescue professionals having to operate in turbulent seas, floods and challenging white water rescue situations. Developed in cooperation with NSSR (Norwegian Society for SeaRescue), and fulfills the requirements of professional flood rescuers.

With all the equipment rescue swimmers need to have with them, they need extra buoyancy. That's why SeaLife Rescue Pro has 70N of integral buoyancy. For ease of movement, the lifejacket has been cut well back under the arms and around the shoulders and has plenty of clearance around the neck opening.

  • Certified in accordance with ISO 12402-5 (buoyancy aid)
  • Cut away around the neck and other areas for maximum freedom of movement
  • Soft PE foam for maximum comfort and lightest possible weight
  • One-size-fits-all: Fully adjustable front and sides for perfect fit
  • Quick release belt with stainless steel D-ring on the back. Quick-release buckle with anti-slip mechanism - releases easily when needed
  • MOLLE webbing system for attaching pockets and equipment (on both front and back)
  • MOLLE Velcro strips for maximum versatility when attaching Velcro backed ID badges/insinials etc. or special eqipment
  • Hard wearing and durable lifejacket built to withstand rough treatment
  • Lifting strap fitted in neck area
  • Strategically placed SOLAS reflective patches
  • Removable crotch stap (optional)
  • Pockets can be designed to suit spesial requirements (optional)
  • Can be fitted with optional cow tail with solid carabiner which can be stored in a designated pocket on the shoulder (not around the waist as on other products)

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