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Personal Life Saving equipment for offshore oil & gas - wind energy - sar Hansen Protection AS is a world leading manufacturer of equipment of survival suits and equipment for the offshore helicopter market. We provide all necessary equipment for fulfilment of services related to crew and personnel transfer over hostile waters. Hansen Protection’s equipment is in daily use in the main offshore markets worldwide. Building on this experience, Hansen Protection has developed a full range of helicopter pilot/crew and SAR equipment for users with the highest expectations. Excellent freedom of movement and functionality in normal work situations has been focus in the design of our suits. Our choice of durable, waterproof/breathable materials and functional features provides comfort in all conditions, - and not least in the unfortunate event of an accident. All equipment is approved according to the latest EASA ETSO regulations. Further on our Emergency Breathing System (SeaAir EBS) is approved by CAA-UK as a Category A system with supreme freezing protection in water temperatures around zero degrees Celsius. Helicopter Passenger Suits Helicopter Lifejackets Special Suits Pilot/Crew Suits SeaAir SeaAir Barents SeaAir Training SeaAir Europe SeaWind Breathable three laminateFR fabricsandunique constructionenable excellentmobilityand flexibility. Thepilot suit isdeveloped toensureeasydonning,doffingand transit comfort. The suit consistsofanouter shellanda thermal zip-in lining inhighly flame retardant fabrics Softandhighlyelasticneopreneneckand cuff closures combining comfortandwater tightness Availablewith curved,verticalanddiagonal zipversions (PUTizipMasterSeal) Inaddition to standard sizingXXS–XXL, the suit canbe custommade toactualbodymeasurements Unique construction foreaseofmovement Strategicallyplaced cargopocketson calfand sleeves with room forhood,glovesandpersonalbelongings Integrated socks for choiceof footwear Waistadjustmentwith velcroandelastics to secure individual fit Reinforcedkneeareaswitheasyplacementand adjustmentofkneepads Integratedanddetachable suspenders inside foreaseof use in transitperiods Hanger loop inside suit foreasy storage EUROPE PILOT EUROPE PILOT Sleevepocketswithgloves Roomymobile&penpocket Roomydetachable thighpocketswith room formap/notebook/iPadMini Hood (orange) in legpocket Chestpockets EASAETSO2C503approved immersion suitand lifejacketwithEBS 4h– thermalprotection The suit isdesigned towork in conjunctionwithSeaLionPilot Lifejacket.The two products forma complete safety system forhelicopterpilotsoperating flightsoffshore. The Lifejackethasamodern, slimandeasy toweardesignwith catA compressedairEBS integrated inbackpocket SeaAirEuropePilot Color:300Yellow Sizes:StandardXXS-XXLor Made tomeasurement–Personal suit The suit isdesigned towork in conjunctionwithSeaLionEurope The suit isdesigned towork in conjunction with SeaLionEurope Lifejacket (HPETSO Lifejacket),approvedaccording toEASA ETSO2C504Helicopter crewandpassenger lifejacket. Together the twoproducts forma complete safety system forhelicopter crew flying offshore. Special suit/ Pilot suit Special suit/ Pilot suit SeaAirEuropePilotSuit /SeaAirEuropePilot Lifejacket Knifepocket (onopposite side: lightpocket for LED Lenser) SeaPilot SeaAir Europe Pilot SeaRescue SeaSwim SeaLion Europe Pilot SeaLion Europe EBS SeaAir Europe Training SeaLion Rebreathable